Eggplant and basil -- yum!
Eggplant and basil hardening off in the hoop house.
Seedlings started in trays
Microgreens are getting an early start in the heated shelves.
Kohlrabi seedlings
Kohlrabi seedlings grow quickly in the heated shelves.


Zucchini & winter squash
Summer and winter squash share a seedling tray. Winter squash need several more weeks of growing time, hence, the term “winter squash”.
Cucumbers & cosmos
The cucumbers (left) are fast growing and will need to be potted in larger tray, and then they will transplanted to hoop house mid-May. Cosmos, and other flowering plants, attract beneficial insects to the garden.

Tomatoes and peppers
Tomatoes and peppers are basking in the sauna, waiting for warmer weather.
Salad greens
Many varieties of lettuces have been started and are growing well.
Salad makings
Broccoli and other cool season plants are getting bigger every day!
Tomatoes under cover in the hoop house — very warm in there on a sunny day.
The large hoop house
The large hoop house has two of four raised bed planted.
Lovage, a perennial, came back! It is an herb with a celery-like flavor and similar uses.

The small hoop house
The small hoop house has one of three aisles started.
Direct seeded vegetables
Tiny seedlings popping out of the soil.


Arugula, a peppery salad green, will be one of the salad greens first available.
Mache is a delicious green similar to spinach.
Leeks and onions
Leeks and onions have been growing since early April.
Rosemary enjoyed winter indoors, but will move out when the weather stabilizes.
Rhubarb will be in the first CSA delivery!
Horseradish survived the winter and will be in an early delivery.
Grass-fed beef cattle
Clementine, left, is a bottle-raised orphan, and another of the grass-fed beef cattle look on as I work in the hoop house.
Gratuitous photo of newest dog, Jake, a huge four-month-old Border Collie mix.

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